AX1 Trader - Key Features of our Trading Platform

AX1 Trader - Key Features of our Trading PlatformAlfa Financial trading platform- AX1 Trader, is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including many exciting features, not available in most of the other trading platforms. Our trading platform is our clients' gateway to the world's foreign exchange, bullion and CFD markets and our solution for the professional trader. In our opinion, it is the most reliable, professional and secure online trading software on the market. You can get to know more about our trading platform on this page.


Live Price Quotes

We offer streaming real-time market quotes and live prices for various currencies, futures and CFDs. Our live streaming Forex quotes covers various products and currency pairs and we present high-frequency updated data directly coming from big interbank liquidity providers and major exchanges around the world. This is the ideal destination for those who want to know exactly what is going on all over the world in market fluctuations.

Financial Charts

AX1 Trader provides live, easy to use and extremely intuitive financial charts, for trading that has been seamlessly integrated into our platform. Alfa Financial provides trading charts, forex live charts, Gold price charts, crude oil charts, and index charts. In addition to our charts, we also provide historical data for our traders.

You are even able to create your own personalized charts menu to gain quick access to the currency prices and view the charts and quotes in which you are most interested, which can help you in successful online trading by keeping track of breakouts, trend continuation or reversal each day.

Alfa Financial now features gold price in TT Bars (5 tola bars) and a free charts, quotes and more tools being added frequently on our website. You are also welcome in accessing our free quotes and charts as often as you wish, at no cost, at The charts and the quotes are updated continuously, so be sure to bookmark this page and return often.

Order Types

We provide a variety of options for placing an order. Place market orders, link orders to existing positions with limit and stop orders, or link existing orders together, among others. You can also define stops and limits in terms of the amount of pips from the current rate, as an alternative to the specific rate.

Other Key Features:

  • Single-click execution
  • Live chart based trading aided by customizable indicators
  • Sophisticated technical analysis tools
  • Live Account statements
  • Rolling market news and commentary

Alfa Financial Mobile

Put the power of Alfa in the palm of your hand and your mobile device will deliver:

Demo Registration


Just go to on the browser of your mobile device to view our mobile friendly website. This service is supported on Windows Mobile devices, popular cell phones and PDA's, including BlackBerry®, iPhone®, as well as any device that uses wireless application protocols (WAP).