Alfa - Trade Anywhere in the World

Alfa - Trade Anywhere in the WorldAlfa Financial offers electronic access to futures, forex, and CFD's on over 80 market destinations worldwide from a single user account, providing you with low-cost and efficient ways to diversify your investments in sectors of the markets that we specialize in. Trade worldwide with our designed online trading platform - AX1 Trader. Choose from the various order types to address any trading strategy, and get best execution at low trading costs. AX1 Trader is specifically designed with the customer in mind and is completely customizable.

When you trade with Alfa Financial, your orders are typically filled instantly, with no partial fills, and no discrepancy between the quoted price and the execution price. Contingent orders are ordinarily executed without slippage under normal market conditions. Wide network of foreign exchange liquidity providers enables Alfa Financial to offer the extremely low spreads and practically endless liquidity, which is available to our clients.

When trading with Alfa Financial, you get the following advantages:

  • Round the clock trading- 24 hours a day, 5.5 days a week
  • Access to over 80 market destinations worldwide from a single user account.
  • Ability to trade CFDs , Forex and Metals on the single platform
  • Best Price Execution
  • Low Transaction Costs
  • Ability to Hedge your risks
  • 24-hour back office support
  • Stability and reliability
  • Security of client funds
  • Broker Assisted Trading Desk